Plan your dream home Pick a location and establish a budget.
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Build your dream home Choose a model and customize your house.
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Move into your dream home Get the keys to your new house.
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Frankie is someone you can count on to build you the home of your dreams at the best prices in Regina.

Financial Lenders

Find a lendor that can assist you in getting the correct mortgage for your situation.


These real estate agents can assist you with your resale of your present home.


This is a list of suppliers who I rely on when building a new home.


I love to help people by creating jobs. Are you ambitious, talented and in need of employment?


To find out more about building your dream home in Regina & surrounding areas, please contact me.



Frankie Parris

I am a high energy investor and entrepreneur who has been focusing on starting and growing undercapitalized businesses for a long time. My drive and creative spirit have helped me build several businesses. I’m always looking for new opportunities that I can approach with enthusiasm.

I consider myself a very community oriented person, I believe in always giving back to the community and getting to know the people around me and what they do. I have has built a massive network that encompasses almost every sector and service. I love to create and I love to help people with their new projects or business ventures.

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Build your dream home

Step 1: Establish a budget

Find out what you can afford by going to your mortgage broker and getting a pre-approval.

Step 2: Select a Neighborhood

Take a look at some of the neighborhoods in Regina and decide what subdivision you want to live in.
Find out which subdivisions you can build in.

Step 3: Choose your model

Look at the showhomes or our catalog of houses and choose which model is for you.
Keep in mind that each subdivision has different rules and regulations.

Step 4: Contact Frankie

Now that you know what kind of house you want and where you want to build it's time to contact me.
I'll talk to you about pricing, upgrade options, and timeframes before we set up a meeting.

Step 5: Meet with Frankie

We will meet to talk about the details of the base model and any additions.
Once we agree on a price, I will fill out the necessary paperwork.

Step 6: Do the Paperwork

Before construction on your house begins, you must put down your 100% refundable deposit.
You will sign the contract and take it to your bank for a mortgage approval.

Step 7: Construction Begins

As the house is being built you have to begin customizing both the interior and exterior.
I will provide you with a list of vendors for services and upgrades within your specifications.

Step 8: Determine Final Balance

The bank will send the paperwork to your lawyer who will contact the builder
They will determine the final balance due at closing and any seasonal hold-backs.

Step 9: Move in

Come to my office to finalize all your paperwork and complete payments.
We will do one final walk-through before giving you the keys to your new dream home.